Thursday, September 10, 2009

Skull Door

Who can resist having a skull on fire in their opening image. I started with a loose concept, then modeled it in 3D Studio Max and Mudbox. Though i contributed some additional work to this environment, a team of artists made this image possible.


Jungle Corpse

This was my first attempt at high poly character work with mudbox. Being a horror fan,this was a blast to work on.

Sentinel Spider Bot

Final concept

The final lowpoly with a paint over to choose a color palette.
Silouette studies are a good way to kick out a variety of ideas in a timely manner.

Jungle Column

These were fun assets to work on. The column was broken down to 4 modular pieces for set dressing.

Sentinel Defender

The final character was modeled and textured by other artists so i didn't bother including any images.

Weapon-X Art

Concept for the Weapon-X Lab areas.
Finished look.
A quick hallway sketch for the environment artists to make proxie models from and start blocking out their hallways.

The door, doorframe, and access pad are my work.

Loadscreen Paintings

These pieces started out as a rough sketch for the composition. Then an animator and my art director composed and rendering the scene. Then it was a matter of painting over it to complete the image.
An early attempt at painting in photoshop back in 2004.

Wolverine Assets

Some architectural stuff

These shots were taken from an old build so the lighting was broken. The door, monkey lever, and skull railng are my work with another artist coming in towards the end to add some color and tweak the materials.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wolverine Environment concepts

A mountain village in feudal Japan. Wolverine fighting ninja's would
have been sweet!

Final in game screen cap from the Xbox. Note that I only included this to show how a concept can inspire the environment artist's creation of the area. Though i did create some of the assets, a number of people were involved in its production.

Editor Drawovers

Concept to finish

Though the first image was done freehand, the second is a draw over of a screen capture from the editor. Designers and environment artists will often use them for inspiration when building their levels.

Modular Wall Tile Designs

Wolverine Assets

A large door frame topper. I was able to tweak this image and use it as a stencil for the highpoly object.

Some strange totems for the jungle

Random architectural assets

X-Men and Wolverine Assets

These are modular objects designed to block off a playable area with a hill of debris.